Traveling with Pets

We have one room that can accommodate our guests with pets — our standard room.  We accept small dogs 25 lbs and under.  Any extra cleaning required (due to shedding, 'soiling' of an area, etc.) because of your pet, will be an additional charge.  We suggest bringing your own pet's sleeping basket and a towel or sheet to put over our rug or any other area where your pet may want to sleep or lay.  Your pet may have their own travel kennel but if not please remember you are responsible for the housekeeping of your pet.

We also have a small male cocker size dog that 'rules the roost' at Casa de las Flores - a rescue pup and your four legged host at Casa de las Flores.  Generally he is good with his other canine cousins, but your dog's personality should be considered as to how friendly he or she is with their canine brethren.  We have a few guests traveling in Mexico with pets but not many so this is all a bit new to Poncho about who this new dog is. 

We love pets, but some guests do not feel the same.  Your stay with a pet must come with the understanding that if any guests are afraid of pets, or if there is some other problem that your pet may cause, we may have to ask you to leave a public area with your pet and retire to your rooms, where other guests and your pet may feel more comfortable.  We would request also that your pet be on his or her leash for everyone's safety.  We would hate for any pet to see an open door and rush out and become lost.  It also gives you a bit of control and even your pet may feel a bit more comfortable. 

As a general rule your pet must be with you while you are out, and not left in your car or your room.

Any liability caused by your pet is the owners' responsibility.  By asking us to allow your pet to stay with you at Casa de las Flores, you are stating that your pet is well behaved, not dangerous, and is in good health with good hygiene. Any disturbing or damaging behavior by your pet may mean that we would have to ask you to leave without a refund.

We feel it important to bring up these points.  While we have never had a problem, we like to remind our guests that while traveling, away from normal home conditions, a pet may act uncharacteristically by barking or some other unusual behavior disturbing to other guests.