What to Bring & the Weather

National Geographic chose our area as one of the year-round best climates in the world.  The average temperature year-round is in the 70's with some warmer and cooler months, but nothing very extreme.  Even at our coldest, our winter nighttime low temperatures would be, for many of our guests from the northern United States and Canada, the high daytime temperature.  But in buildings designed for warmer weather, with central patios and a lot of open-air living, it is always nice to dress appropriately.  And for our guests who have been enjoying the heat on the Mexican coast and have come to the high inland areas of Mexico for a visit, remember that we are cooler enough in December that you will want to pack more than shorts and sandals.

One of our best-kept secrets is that from the end of June through September the weather is wonderfully refreshingly cool and clear.  In my opinion you would not want to be on the Mexican coast from May through September unless you enjoy unbelievable heat and humidity.

We always recommend packing good walking shoes for our treacherous sidewalks and cobblestone streets.  And pack some socks to go along with those good walking shoes to avoid blisters.  Mexico is a great place to walk with lots of little mom and pop stores, plazas and attractions; luckily there are also numerous benches to throw yourselves on and small grocery stores to dart into out of the sun to grab a cool drink or icecream.

Pack a light sweater, jacket or shawl, some slacks and a long sleeved shirt or blouse, then you should be ready for any weather - our warmer days and our cooler highland evenings.

Antiseptic gel can also be a welcome addition to have for hand washing.  Insect repellent is also useful for occasional use during the summer.  You can buy those items here in Mexico if you worry about them spilling in your luggage.

The Weather

September through November —

By mid-September our rainy season is usually over, or starting to slow down, but the rainy season can linger on till mid-October.  Actually mid-September to the end of October are wonderful months to visit.  The rains are usually over, the countryside is still green and we are enough into the fall angling of the sun that the nights are naturally pleasant and the days warm.  Toward the end of November, you may want to pack that light sweater and some slacks and socks for sitting outside in the gardens in evenings and early mornings.  The days will be pleasantly warm and into the 70's.

December through February —

Traveling in the central highlands of Mexico at this time of year can be cool in the evenings and early morning, so you will definitely want to consider packing slacks, socks, and a light-to-medium sweater or jacket during these months again for early morning and evening.  It all depends on your personal thermometer and where you're from. If you are from very far up north, our coldest night may be like a spring day to you.  The days still reach the 70's and are lovely, but because of our altitude as soon as the sun goes down it can become cool.

The coldest I have seen the nights here was at three in the morning in January when it went down to 43 degrees Fahrenheit.  Normally it's into the 50's, but it still makes sitting on the terrace with coffee during the early morning a bit cool until the sun comes out.

Remember, if you will be driving up from a coastal area like Puerto Vallarta, even though we are only a few hours away, we are a very different climate — so pack more than shorts and sandals.  By Valentines' Day things have usually warmed up so evenings are fresh but comfortable as a rule.

March through June —

March again is exceptional; perfect outdoor weather as it has been dry with little or no rain since September.  With few bugs about, it's ideal for evenings in the garden.  By mid-April our summer weather begins.  Warm days and and balmy nights after the sun goes down making for special evenings in the garden.  May can get pretty warm, with the high in the 80's to 90's during the days, but again because of our altitude things cool down comfortably at night.  This pattern will continue into June until the cooling summer rains start; traditionally anytime after June 15th.  Pack your sun block.

July and August —

After the first few consecutive days of the rainy season which started in June, things have cooled down.  The rainy season is a delight — the country side is green, and the rains cleans the air around Guadalajara.  It almost never rains before 6 p.m., and almost always stops by 6 a.m.  In August we may set a fire in the fire place.  It is a lovely cool time of year, so pack a light sweater, some slacks, a compact umbrella and socks.  You might also want to pack sun block and a favorite insect repellent.