Traveling with Children

Please let us know the ages of our younger guests if under the age of 15.

As a general rule of thumb we do not accept younger guests under 7 years of age.  We enjoy children but our property is not child-proof.  There are some poisonous plants in the gardens as well as water features, the house and rooms are not child-proof, and our extensive collection of ceramics and folk art in your rooms and throughout Casa de las Flores may not be suitable for children under 7 years of age.

We have found that often such restrictions make it uncomfortable for our younger guests, their parents, and ultimately for your hosts, because we cannot provide a comfortable place for you and your family.

Brightly colored folk art seems to be irresistible for your hosts as collectors, and folk art seems to be irresistible as well for toddlers.  I perfectly understand the desire to touch whimsical Mexican folk art because that is part of its appeal.  However, that also seems to translate into disaster for our younger guests with less developed motor skills, but with a fully developed sense of will and want, to touch that beautifully painted, sparkly piece of folk art — and if possible to get the full effect by putting it in their mouth. This is not always a good way to conserve folk art. 

You as parents know your children better than I, and some children are calmer than others, but we have found that toddlers 5 years and under become too unhappy with such temptations close at hand, and their parents become uncomfortable with too much supervision.  That being said if you think that your children are appropriate for a mature property please let us know, and maybe we will be able to accommodate you and your family.  There are also 7 and 8 year olds that are more rambunctious, and even though are within the age we usually accept, may not be happy at a more mature property.  In any event if there are screaming tantrums and other outbursts that seem to be bothering other guests please, do not be offended if we mention this to you.

Younger guests seven years and older, I can reason with as their host and explain potential hazards, but much younger than that it is usually impossible.

Despite the above provisos for our younger guests, Mexico is a great spot for children seven years and older because there are a lot of kids in Mexico, and most things are set up for family living.  And Casa de las Flores with its large gardens can also be a nice retreat for children so they are not cooped up in small hotel rooms.

We are more concerned about your comfort and the comfort of other guests. Believe me, we are not rich enough to turn away paying guests, but our real goal is your happiness, the comfort and safety of your children, as well as the comfort of your fellow guests.