Check-in Before 2 p.m.

For guests arriving before the official check-in time (which is 2 p.m.), you are welcome to leave your luggage with us anytime after 10 a.m., register, and start your day of sight-seeing or just relax in the gardens.  If your rooms happen to be ready at that hour we of course will let you take your rooms then.  We are not set up to receive guests arriving before 10 a.m. unless they have booked their room the night before so that they can take their rooms whenever they arrive, for example if you have a red-eye flight.  This is a requirement if you want the room before 10 a.m.  If this happens, please let us know about your early arrival, so that someone will be there to receive you.  Please also let us know your arrival time.  It will take you at least 30 minutes to go through customs and 20 minutes cab time to reach Casa de las Flores.  So if your plane lands at 5:30 a.m. it is unlikely you will get here before 6:30 a.m.

The mornings are a busy time of day for us with breakfast to prepare and serve, accounts to settle, taxis to call and advice and directions to give as well as many other chores at the start of the day.  Thus we request guests that would like to arrive before 10 a.m. to please reserve the night before so they have a place to go to rest and relax.  This way the public area of Casa de las Flores is free for departing guests' breakfasts, and the staff can dedicate themselves to the chores at the start of day.  If you would prefer not to reserve the night before, you are still welcome to arrive after 10 a.m. and check in as mentioned above.

If your flight arrives very early in the morning and you do not wish to reserve a room the night before for your early arrival, another option is to wait in the airport.  Upstairs in the international airport terminal is a restaurant called "Wings" and I have been told it opens at 5:30 a.m.  You can enjoy breakfast or a cup of coffee while you wait to travel to Casa de las Flores.

Please excuse me in advance: the morning is a very busy time of the day, so even when arriving at 10 a.m. we may be still a bit rushed while serving existing guests and their breakfasts.  We will make up for it later in the day when things calm down.  We are also sorry that we cannot receive guests in the morning unless you reserve the night before and have a place to retreat to out of harms way.  Otherwise the common area looks more like a refugee camp, and time and space for guests departing is limited.  And I can tell you from experience that guests arriving early are thankful that they reserved the night before and can get a few hours rest before they start their day.