Guest Policies

Rates are based on double occupancy.  Rooms with two beds can accommodate up to four people.  For more than two guests per room there is a fee of $US 20.00 (plus taxes) for each additional guest per night.

Below is our general cancellation and refund policy.

With each reservation we will send you a confirmation / deposit letter with more specific details.  A reservation made many months in advance, or for more than one room, or during special events and holidays will have a longer cancellation time.  This will be mentioned in your confirmation letter.

General Deposits and Refunds:

  • The full amount of your stay is required for your deposit if you are staying only one night.
  • Half the total amount for your stay is required for a deposit if you are staying more than one night.  If your visit is for an odd number of nights, for bookkeeping reasons your deposit amount will be rounded up to the nearest number of whole nights.  For example, if your visit is for three nights your deposit will be for two nights, not one and a half nights.)
  • General cancellation policy: your deposit is refundable minus a 20% handling fee.  You may cancel your reservation or reduce the number of nights of your reservation no later than 21 days before your arrival date.  Reservations for more than one room or made for certain peak dates or a reservation made more than three or four weeks in advance may have different cancellation requirements; if so, they will be stated specifically in your confirmation letters.
  • There will be no refund if you cancel your reservation or reduce the number of nights within the 21 day minimum requirement period (or the requirement period mentioned in your deposit confirmation letter).  Please be advised that if you make a reservation within the minimum requirement period, for instance ten days before your arrival date, your deposit cannot be refunded if the reservation is canceled or number of nights reduced as you are already within the minimum requirement period.
  • We are a small Bed and Breakfast and the majority of our reservations are made at least three weeks in advance of the arrival.  We cannot afford to turn away guests while holding a reservation that has been confirmed by you only to be canceled at the last minute for whatever reason.  We hope that you understand the necessity of this policy.  Unfortunately business must be attended to and we will look forward to doing what we like and do best - making your visit memorable, comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Balance of payment is required at check-in time.  Thank you.