Leaving Customs and Getting a Taxi

Leaving the customs area, you will enter the halls of the terminal and have to leave your free luggage cart if you used one.  There are porters waiting to help carry your luggage, but if you do not have much luggage you may want to carry your own since you do not have to go far.  If you do need help with luggage, a small tip is in order depending on how much luggage you have.  Around $1.50 U.S. dollars or the equivalent in Mexican Pesos is appropriate.

The Guadalajara airport is small and easily managed with official taxis waiting for you 24 hours a day.  You walk along a passenger-only walkway that has a chrome and glass perimeter separating departing passengers from families waiting on the other side.  This walkway leads you toward your exit door and the boundary area stops after a few yards.  Before you leave the terminal, to the right of the exit, is a booth where you purchase your taxi ticket.  You want to purchase from the yellow taxi (the name of the taxi is over the booth in yellow.  There is also a green taxi service, but take the yellow taxi).  Pay the fixed amount from the airport to Casa de las Flores (currently 18 dollars - you may pay in dollars or pesos),  A tip for the driver is between 3 to 5 U.S. dollars or the equivalent in Mexican Pesos, again depending on the amount of luggage and your generosity.