Travelers with Special Needs

If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, or any other sensitivities, please let us know so that we can better serve you.

Dear guests, in an effort to please as many palates and dietary restrictions as we can with our breakfast offering, we serve a vegetarian breakfast (that includes dairy and eggs).  We offer a different breakfast selection each day as a gift to our guests. 

If you have an allergy, we certainly need to know about it.  Please remind us every day as staff have days off, and in the hurry of the morning chores we may not recall your food allergy — so please remind us each morning. 

We are also unable to offer breakfast before our breakfast time which starts at 8:30 a.m.  If you have to leave before that hour, our formal breakfast is not offered.  We do not have a commercial kitchen and we are not set up to offer more than our daily breakfast offering.

We may not be able to accommodate all food restrictions or necessities, but there are many restaurants in town that can meet your breakfast needs, if we are unable to do so.  That being said, our breakfasts are delicious and plentiful and there have been very few cases where we have not been able to accommodate a guest.

Guests that need a Wheelchair

Our property unfortunately is not very wheelchair friendly, being an older property with a few different levels.  The main problem are our bathroom doors.  I had talked with the architect about this need for spacious doors.  For the entry doors he seemed to remember that directive but forgot it when it came to bathroom doors. If a wheelchair is not needed at all times then our accommodations should be adequate.  Unfortunately despite what you may have heard, the most dangerous thing about Mexico are the sidewalks.  The ups and downs, unexpected steps intruding into the sidewalk, bolts and post anchors popping up, power poles and large holes.  The sidewalks are a danger for folks without wheelchairs, but with a wheelchair Mexico certainly would be an extra battle.  In fact on our little narrow sidewalks throughout Mexico you will find everything placed on them: telephone posts, telephone booths, electrical posts, you name it.  They say the sidewalks are jealous here because they are only wide enough for one person to walk at a time.

Other Special Sensitivities

We try whenever possible to use neutral, unscented cleaning agents and laundry soaps, but in Mexico that is not always possible.  We are conscious of this as we know some folks are super sensitive to these issues.  If you are hypersensitive to some element please let us know.  We will try to accommodate you, but if the sensitivity is very bad, I suspect you will be hard-pressed to find a place in Mexico for you.