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Where is Casa de las Flores?
and Things to See and Do
in and around Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque

We are at a crossroads for many other great destinations, so fly into Guadalajara for a wonderful in-depth local visit. We can keep you entertained for weeks with local and nearby attractions. Enjoy our area as the wonderful destination that it is, or use Casa de las Flores as a home base to leave and come back to while exploring other great places of interest nearby. For example, the neighboring town of Tonalá is famous for its large open-air folk craft markets held twice a week. And permanent shops are open every day of the week.

A rooftop view of El Refugio in Tlaquepaque. The Refugio is home to our national ceramics museum and to many other events held year-round, such as EnArt and the national ceramics awards. Mexico is so close geographically to the U.S. but worlds apart in history, culture, climate and customs. Come and enjoy a refreshing vacation and a complete change of pace at Casa de Las Flores bed and breakfast. Tlaquepaque is a unique village oasis in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. Casa de las Flores is ideally located a short stroll from the heart of Tlaquepaque. We are also close to the Guadalajara International Airport (GDL) and the National Bus terminal, making your arrival and departure easy and effortless.

Tlaquepaque is famous as a center of traditional arts and craftsmanship, and we have kept our small town identity and country pace even though we are surrounded by Guadalajara, Mexico's second largest city.

We have especially chosen our location to be close to the many points of interest that our area has to offer while still being in a traditional neighborhood. Casa de las Flores offers more than a relaxing retreat; we will become part of your destination as much as the wonderful attractions the area has to offer. Casa de las Flores Bed and Breakfast is just 15 minutes away from the center of Guadalajara and just three blocks from the famous historic center of Tlaquepaque. We are also approximately 15 minutes from the International Airport, 15 minutes away from the neighboring crafts town of Tonala, and 10 minutes from the National Bus Station. Casa de las Flores is in the center of everything while still being in a traditional neighborhood - the slower paced village atmosphere of Tlaquepaque, the arts and crafts capital of Mexico. And the state of Jalisco is in the heart of Mexico, filled with many destinations and close to many others in neighboring states. Yet once inside Casa de las Flores, our gardens give you a surprising, almost rural, retreat.  Your hosts at Casa de las Flores are fluent in English and Spanish. They can help you design a personalized visit to destinations close at hand and a bit further afield. We can provide you with special services such as being your translator and guide for business or pleasure. We can host small events (with advanced notice). And of course we will be happy to suggest points of interest, recommend restaurants, make reservations, or connect you with services or businesses that may be of help to you. You can return year after year to Casa de las Flores and start many new adventures and never see the same thing twice. There are also ongoing events that we can never get enough of: antique markets, folk art studios and outdoor crafts markets. We look forward to being your hosts at Casa de las Flores Bed and Breakfast Inn.


A Great Location for Our Business Guests

For our business guests we are conveniently situated. We are near the peripheral highway that runs around Guadalajara, making it easy to bypass big-city congestion and dart into many points of the city. We are also close to the industrial complex with many multinational corporations. Many of the tech industries are computer based and have given rise to Guadalajara being named the Silicon Valley of Mexico. For our international business guests that come to export around the world the wealth of handmade treasures that our area is famous for, Casa de las Flores is also ideally located. Why stay at a high-rise hotel isolated from Mexico? Escape hotel life and enjoy a bit of Mexico while you are here. Our rooms are equipped with work areas, a PC is available, as well as wireless internet service on the property and expert office help to assist you. Let us help you entertain a client with dining suggestions, and with advanced notice we are able to arrange small events for you and your clients. Maybe you need a translator or English speaking driver or have a question about the cultural differences of doing business in Mexico.

Day Trips Close at Hand

Besides the local sites of Guadalajara, Tonalá and Tlaquepaque, there are many great destinations within 45 minutes to an hour and a half of Casa de las Flores for you to enjoy as day trips .

The grand Tequila Valley, the town of Tequila, and home of the world-famous Mexican spirited drink is nearby. Enjoy the drive through the lovely blue agave fields on the way to visit one of the many grand tequila houses. Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico, is also close by and home to thousands of expatriates from the U.S.A. and Canada who come for the wonderful year-round climate. The great writer D. H. Lawrence lived along the shores of Lake Chapala, where he wrote his novel The Plumed Serpent.


Guachimontones is a recently restored archeological site of unique conical pyramids and ceremonial ball courts on the south side of the Tequila Volcano. Enjoy the unique landscape and view of the sacred valley below. Visit the town of Teuchitlan which still bears its pre-Columbian name and its little museum of artifacts that were unearthed from Guachimontones.

Trips a Bit Further Afield

There are many exotic destinations within three and five hours drive of Casa de las Flores. Fly into Guadalajara and enjoy the many things to see and do here. Let us assist you in visiting other spots if you can tear yourself away from all the things to do here. Let us help you rent a car, make bus reservations or hire our driver and guide. Some of the destinations within 1 to 5 hours of Casa de las Flores are: Patzcuaro, Morelia, Colima, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Tapalpa, Barra de Navidad, Chapala, Tequila, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and many other destinations. We look forward to your visit and telling you more about the things to see and do in this wonderful part of Mexico. Although there are many wonderful destinations in Mexico, please keep in mind that even though you may have heard more about San Miguel de Allende or Ajijic, there is no point in leaving our wonderful part of Mexico that you don`t know, to visit another unknown spot.

If you are interested in a less touristy, more authentic destination and seeing more of Mexico, you will definitely enjoy Tlaquepaque and Guadalajara more than other better-known tourist spots. There are many wonderful things to do right here and with our assistance you will find new things to see and do with each repeat visit.

About Our Climate ...

December through February are the coolest months, similar to the spring in the mild western states of the U.S. A light jacket or sweater would be welcome in the very early morning or late evenings. So if you are visiting us from the coast, pack a bit more than sandals and shorts. The year-round average temperature is 70 degrees F, and the days are usually sunny and warm throughout the year. April to June are the warmest months. During those brief warm months Casa de las Flores has air conditioning where needed. Our best-kept secret is that from late June through September we have late evening rains that pleasantly cool the temperatures, making our summer days fresh and sunny. So while it is hot up north and humid in parts of the States and along all of the coast of Mexico, our high colonial central plains stay wonderfully cool in the evening (so pack a light sweater) with wonderful lightning and thunderstorms that are made relaxing with a fire in the fireplace. The rains stop by early morning, cleaning the air and making for temperatures in the mid 70´s. Everyone thinks about heading south during the winter, but don't forget our cool summer climate. When it is 120 degrees in Phoenix or 94 degrees with 90 percent humidity up and down the eastern seaboard and in the mid-west, remember our fresh summer temperatures, clear days and cool rains at night.

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Arrival map from the airport

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Mexico does not require a visa for tourists or business visitors, but a tourist card is given to you on the plane or by your ticket agent at check-in time. Both the U.S. government and the Mexican government require a valid passport, or an original birth certificate and a drivers license with a picture. If you do not want to take your original birth certificate you can receive a state certified birth certificate copy from the vital records office or the county health department in the state in which you were born. This is what we have been told by a phone call to the State Department. Rules change, so please investigate this for yourselves if you do not have a passport. You may be able to receive more information on this topic if you are a U.S. citizen at