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What's in bloom in the garden
A climate described as "eternal spring" is perfect for growing the profusion of blooms coloring the namesake gardens at Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers). Even in January, winter temperatures average a sunny 72°F (23°C) during the day and frost is virtually unknown. Tlaquepaque's elevation of 5,292 feet (1,552 meters) offsets the warmth of the latitude, yielding pleasant year-round temperatures and an extended growing season - azaleas bloom for three months next to tropical anthuriums. Besides temperature, water is the key element here and simply by adding or subtracting it, master gardener and host Jose Gutierrez can produce seeming contradictions like bananas thriving next to cactus.

The garden is literally the central feature at Casa de las Flores, an oasis of greenery and colorful blossoms extending between high, vine-covered adobe walls from the patio of the main house to the two-storey guest wing at the back of the property. Curving paths lead guests from blooming potted plants on the patio, through the planting beds. Large palms provide shade in some of the sitting areas and guava trees offer their own bonus - fresh juice for breakfast. The garden also provides edible flowers such as rose petals, chive and nasturtium blossoms used as garnishes on breakfast offerings as well as a pallet of herbs such as basil and rosemary.

True to the name Casa de las Flores, however, the quality guests find most charming in the garden is simply beauty. Unusual flowering trees like orange-flowered tabachine and the golden waterfall "cascada de oro" bloom in spring, while tropical and temperate flowers like frangipani, gardenias, camellias and roses lend both color and scent to the garden. Bougainvilleas provide their intensely vivid crepe-paper blooms throughout the year. Like a living canvas, the garden paints new colors from season to season and year to year.

A perfect spot to relax and reflect with bird songs, the buzz of hummingbirds and the lazy motion of butterflies, guests find a natural sanctuary that makes the metropolitan area of six million people seem that many miles away.

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