why we chose where to build Casa de las Flores

We have a bit eccentrically but we believe wisely  chosen our special street  just far enough from the lovely commercial village center  to be in a typical barrio not so typical in that all of our neighbors are folk artists and crafts people which allows you to better be apart of Mexican life . While at the same time close to all of the shops , galleries , restaurants and events that Tlaquepaque is more  famous for .
   It seems that people keeping traditional arts alive are also keeping a lot of local traditions alive as well and that is why we think our neighborhood is an interesting place from which our international guests can see and enjoy more of Mexico´s  culture . Casa de las Flores for our national tourists it is a place to touch base with a more traditional Mexico that is usually not found in big cities . Tlaquepaque´s village pace surrounded  by the faster metropolis of Guadalajara offers our guests the chance to enjoy all of the different facets of city life and a quieter rhythm of our pueblito  . With  the  assistance of your hosts and the staff of casa de las Flores there to help you put it all together with suggestions and advice it is an unmatchable combination of insight , special location in a warm family filled traditional neighborhood while being close to all of the sites and destination  that an international guest would enjoy
   There are richer neighborhoods in terms of money  to be sure  but not many neighborhoods richer in terms of talent and that is why Casa de las Flores chose its place to be in place rich in its wealth of art and artistry .  What do the wealthy really make …. money not very interesting unless you have it to spend on the talents of the people who live in our neighborhood  . Come and visit us where the monument makers live  don`t just visit the monuments .Let us show you where  people make wonderful art , delicious food,  music great craftsmen from glass blowers to metal workers to builders and stone masons . Casa de las Flores is dedicated to the people who make wonderful things and try to bring a bit of beauty to the world  and as Inn Keepers we hope our efforts at making a bit of beauty in the world  will make your visit more interesting , comfortable and enjoyable so that you may return to your homes with the beauty of fond memories of your visit to Mexico and eccentric little  Casa de las Flores .