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About Guadalajara Mexico and Tlaquepaque

The best vantage point from which to enjoy the city of Guadalajara Mexico is from Guadalajara's relaxed crafts colony, the famous arts Mecca, Tlaquepaque. For first-time visitors, Tlaquepaque and Casa de las Flores is a revelation.  Only minutes from the Guadalajara Mexico Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport and the National Bus Terminal, we are ideally located for effortless arrivals and departures.  Tonala, a neighboring crafts town, and the urban bustle of downtown Guadalajara Mexico, are just minutes away as well.  Casa de las Flores is your refreshing garden refuge in the center of everything.

Tlaquepaque (pronounced tlah-kay-PA-kay) is the folk-art capital of central Mexico.  It seems to stand apart in time, retaining its character as a tranquil historic village surrounded by the modern metropolis of Guadalajara Mexico.  Fine dining, colonial ambiance, wonderful art and music are all to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace in Tlaquepaque.  Casa de las Flores makes your visit even more special with its garden ambiance, fantastic colorful folk art, warm Jalisco charm, expert hosts, and five-star staff. We offer business and vacation travelers the chance to escape city stress and enjoy the traditions of Mexico in a unique neighborhood at our special bed and breakfast inn.

Guests are refreshed after the night's rest at Casa de las Flores, and are informed at an over-breakfast chat with the hosts and staff about things to see and do in the area. From this, they find it easy to venture to the historic city center of Guadalajara Mexico less than 20 minutes away, or to any of a number of destinations nearby.  Although once visitors reach us, they may find they just want to enjoy a good book and a glass of wine or cup of tea in the spectacular gardens of Casa de las Flores. 

Casa de las Flores is a wonderfully comfortable home base from which to explore the many local destinations and area attractions. The village friendliness of Tlaquepaque, the fine restaurants and shops in town, combined with the comfortable elegance of Casa de las Flores and its informative staff, makes Casa de las Flores the perfect base for exploring other fabulous points of interest in this lovely part of Mexico.  You can enjoy the best of both worlds: the faster pace of busy Guadalajara Mexico and all it offers, and our tranquil walled gardens in the village of Tlaquepaque.  Casa de las Flores is the perfect place to return to and relax after a busy day in the bustling metropolis and historic center of Guadalajara Mexico.

Casa de las Flores in Tlaquepaque is a unique and special destination.  It is located in the heart of one of the oldest working folk art neighborhoods in Mexico, rich in tradition, history and craftsmanship.  Your Casa de las Flores hosts provide every guest with an insider's knowledge of this fascinating area.

As an introduction to Tlaquepaque´s artistic heritage, Stan, one of your hosts, often offers guests a complimentary in-house tour of Casa de las Flores' extensive collection of local folk art.  Trained as an artist himself and a passionate collector of local folk art, Stan began the in-house tour to introduce visitors to the hidden wealth of creative treasures available locally, for those who know where to look.

Tlaquepaque is acclaimed for its fine ceramics and craftsmen and was famous even before the Spanish conquered the area in the 1530s.  Tlaquepaque is a Nahuatl Indian word meaning "the place on hills of clay."  Artists of ancient cultures from this region were famous throughout the Aztec empire for their skill as fine ceramists.  Later, during Mexico's colonial period, Spaniards called on the skills of Tlaquepaque craftsmen to help build Guadalajara Mexico as well as many of the remaining fabulous villas and mansions that graciously adorn our historic town center. The colonial city of Guadalajara Mexico was founded on Valentine's Day.  Modern Guadalajara Mexico is also known as the City of Roses.  The Guadalajara area is still one of the most romantic destinations in Mexico.

As well as the rich artistic traditions of the area, Tlaquepaque in the colonial period was as renowned for its hospitality as for its artists.

Tlaquepaque was the first place to receive colonial dignitaries and noblemen traveling overland from Mexico City before arriving at the grand city of Guadalajara Mexico.  These influential travelers would stop to rest and refresh themselves in Tlaquepaque before making their grand entrances to meet the Viceroy in the colonial capital of Guadalajara Mexico.

Wealthy and influential Guadalajarans built lavish summer homes in Tlaquepaque, due in part to their desire to extend hospitality to these distinguished travelers.  Casa de las Flores is proud to carry on this tradition of welcoming travelers like you with gracious hospitality.

In the 19th century, hospitality among wealthy Guadalajarans included a variety of summer balls, parties and galas.  Such festivities created a demand for musical entertainment.  Mexico's national music of Mariachi originated right here in Tlaquepaque.  Mariachis were hired for private celebrations in the grand mansions of the wealthy, and played nightly for the public in ¨El Parian¨, Tlaquepaque's legendary mariachi plaza.  Here, musicians defined their sound and style that evolved into the unique music of Mexico that is mariachi.

As large as a city block, El Parian houses 16 cantinas serving food and drink around a tree-shaded interior courtyard. Mariachis still stroll among diners at the outdoor tables, playing requests for romantic couples and families celebrating a special occasion.  On Sundays, dancers swirl to the music in colorful folk dances.  Special floor shows of classical mariachi music and regional dance are held twice a day on weekends.

When it's time for a break from shopping in Tlaquepaque, visitors may get a fruit drink or ice cream and sit down to watch the passing parade of families in El Jardin, the large central plaza.  A couple of blocks from the plaza, visitors can watch artisans twirl molten glass from the furnace and take home the finished piece.  They can tour the ceramic museum to see the scope of Tlaquepaque´s artistic heritage.  And at the end of the day, there is always time to retire to El Parian for a refreshing drink, or to come home to Casa de las Flores to really relax.

All these layers of history overlap in Tlaquepaque to form a unique cultural district in the space of a few blocks.  Visitors stroll along a pedestrian-only street among restored colonial-era mansions, browsing among shops, museums, restaurants and galleries.  More than 300 specialty shops feature spectacular locally-produced pottery, decorative tile, glass, metalwork, textiles, furniture and other crafts that draw visitors and buyers from all over the world.


Golden glass spheres get their finishing touches at a local glass factory and the final strokes of engobe (the paint used in traditional ceramics) is put on a piece destined for sale at Casa de las Flores' wonderful little folk art gallery..

Staying at Casa de las Flores adds another unique facet to the pleasures of Tlaquepaque and Guadalajara Mexico. A sparkling gem of colorful gardens, comfort, hospitality and information is waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by you.  A scant three blocks from shopping and entertainment, guests become part of a peaceful and unique artist community-which has both practical and cultural advantages.  The guest's chores, projects and goals are made easy with the assistance of staff and hosts.

Tasks like changing money, buying furniture, shipping purchases or enjoying a meal are made effortless by Casa de las Flores' hosts and staff.  These cultural experiences are meant to be enjoyed and can be part of the fun of travel.  Come and let us help you enjoy more of Mexico.
Strolling among the aisles of a covered market to see the displays of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, baked goods and flowers is as much a part of enjoying Mexico as touring a colonial mansion.  One of the best things about Casa de las Flores is that just by stepping out of our front door, you may find that you become a part of one of the special events, fiestas and pageants held in our unique neighborhood that centers around the shrine on our street corner.

Because of our special location, you may well discover more of the real Mexico on the way to and from Casa de las Flores through our unique neighborhood of artistic families.

After all, what really makes a culture are the people.  So come and meet the monument makers, not just the monuments, and the unique point of view that only Casa de las Flores seems to be able to offer.


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